Create a new application

To create a new application, navigate to the Applications tab, then click the button as shown below.

If you haven't created an application yet, you'll see a button entitled "Create first application".

Click one of the buttons above and fill out the form. The only required fields are Name Domain, and Database Password. Below you can find descriptions of these fields.


The name field is a description for your own reference. You can use this field to document your client name, or an internal reference for your application such as, "Appointment setting application for Dentist, LLC." Use this field for your documentation purposes. It will never be showing publicy except for on the Application Overview page.


Each application is required to have a custom domain name associated with it. This domain can be a subdomain. The domain provided will have a SSL certificate generated once Amezmo validates it. If you do not have a custom domain, or do not need one, you can use the default Internal Domain provided by Amezmo. This internal domain is a subdomain of For example, In this case, where you do not need or want a custom domain, you can enter in a stub domain, such as

Database name

An instance of Amezmo comes with a MySQL database. You can provide the name of your database, or we can generate a unique name for you if you do not provide a name. Your database is isolated within your server instance, and is not shared with other customers, or sites.

Database user

You can provide the database username. If it's not provided, we will create a username for you. with a name such as az_user

Database Password

You can use all numbers, letters, and special characters except for "%\'_`/. You should provide a unique password that you don't use for other online services. Learn more about your Database


If you are having trouble setting up your repository, please contact support.